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IP Port Type Protocol City Region Country Uptime Ping Speed 80 Elite http, ftp, https Shanghai Shanghai ChinaChina slow medium 9999 Elite http, https Harbin Heilongjiang ChinaChina medium slow 8080 Elite http, https Caracas Distrito_Federal Venezuela,_Bolivarian_Republic_OfVenezuela,_Bolivarian_Republic_Of slow medium 3128 Elite http, https Semarang Jawa_Tengah IndonesiaIndonesia medium medium 80 Elite http Beijing Beijing ChinaChina medium slow 80 Elite http, https Dublin Dublin_City IrelandIreland medium slow 8888 Elite http, https Rio_De_Janeiro Rio_De_Janeiro BrazilBrazil slow slow 8585 Elite http Jinan Shandong ChinaChina medium medium 8080 Elite http, https Bangkok Krung_Thep ThailandThailand medium medium 80 Elite http, https Clifton_Park New_York United_StatesUnited_States medium medium 8080 Elite http, https Khon_Kaen Khon_Kaen ThailandThailand medium medium 80 Elite http, https Al_Mahallah_Al_Kubra Al_Gharbiyah EgyptEgypt medium medium 8080 Elite http, https Cape_Town Western_Cape South_AfricaSouth_Africa medium slow 80 Transparent http Hubei Shanxi ChinaChina medium medium 8080 Elite http, https Hefei Anhui ChinaChina slow slow 8089 Elite http, https Dallas Texas United_StatesUnited_States medium medium 80 Elite http, https Jakarta Jakarta_Raya IndonesiaIndonesia slow medium 8080 Elite http, https Bangkok Krung_Thep ThailandThailand medium medium 3128 Elite http, https Gondanglegi_Wetan Jawa_Timur IndonesiaIndonesia medium slow 8123 Elite http, https Beijing Beijing ChinaChina medium medium


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